Friday, 5 March 2010

This is my second page where the page has been split and shows the first issue in detail.
This is my first page which i have photoshoped and also added detail colour.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

This is my final front cover which i have added colour too and also added other comic book companies on the cover. I have issued this comic at a retail price of £1.99.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Page 4 of powerpoint

This shows that i have done other work relevant to comic books and i have also shown some comic book covers

3rd page off comic book

This is the third page of my PowerPoint which tells you about our comic book and also there is an analysis of it too.

page 2 in powerpoint

This is a page in my PowerPoint which describes what the section of work is about.

Powerpoint page 1

This is the first page off my PowerPoint presentation which shows all different covers off comic books.

Main Hero character profile

This is our main Super hero which is going to try and stop evil, but will he succeed?

His powers will consist of:

Wings of steel

As strong as an Bull

Flies at high speeds

This character is going to have an epic battle with Heroes VS Villains

Main Super Villain character profile

This is our main super villain which is called Crusade. His super powers will consist of:
Shooting electric beams
Super strength
He will be a leader of a party of 3 villains and is trying to gain world domination once he gains his abnormal powers.

Character profile 1

This is an image of my characters which will be part off the villians!

These characters will have super natural powers and fight against the heros.

These two characters are designed to be the ones which start off the radio activity and this comes with the problem of SUPER NATURAL POWERS!

Friday, 22 January 2010

target audience profile

The target audience for our comic book is young children. We have chosen this age group for many various reason.

  • The comic book is aimed at children around 12+ because younger children are more drawn in more to all the super powers and fighting.
  • The will be action packed fighting scenes and this is great for young children which will make readers want to read our comic book
  • Our comic book is a first issue which ends on a cliff hanger. This makes readers want to read the next issue and the next and so forth. The comic book cover has an image of both super heroes flying which makes readers seem interesting and gives them a sense of super natural powers.
  • The comic book is mainly aimed at young children but has a sense of adventure and action for all ages groups, for example there is evolution, fighting and other action packed things like robbers robbing a scientist lab!
  • the price of our comic book will be 99p and this is to ensure that all age groups can afford to purchase our comic book and enjoy it as much as we do!
  • We have added a lot of images too make readers more interested in our comic book and also to create a scene of more action and adventure.
  • "The old aged battle between good and evil." This quotation will be used in the comic book and tells the readers that there will be some action and the battle of good and evil WILL BE RESOLVED!
  • The comic book will be animated to make it more interesting and also to add a scene of colour and age into the comic, there also will be appropriate amount of text in suitable areas which will intrigued readers.
  • Jeremiah "Jerry" Ordway (born November 28, 1957

  • He is an American writer, penciller, inker and painter of comic books.
    He is best known for his inking work on a wide variety of DC comics titles, including the continuity-redefining classic Crisis Infintie Earths (1985-1986)

  • His long run working on the Superman titles from 1986-1993, and for writing and painting the Captian Marvel orginal graphic, The power of Shazam (1994), and writing the on-going monthly series from 1995-1999.
Having an 'idea' and expanding it into something tangible is what Warpton Creative is about.
Whether developing a comic book for publishing, an idea into a property to pitch, a TV show, film, building a website or consulting on a project. Warpton Creative is about working with the creativity that everybody has inside them to achieve the desired results.
Warpton Creative is about tapping into the ideas and the creativity inside all of us.

Friday, 8 January 2010

In this Comic book cover “batman” is the centre of attention and is fighting crime as a super hero.
Man that bitch mrs khanna cant belive she didnt close the school slagThis cover is shown as a comic because Batman is a crime fighting peinus and is acknowledged by his Fat on his costume.
Many super heroes have symbols which are their trade mark and are recognised by to the public by.
Man comic books including Batman and superman are animated and are divided into section which creates a sense of time and frames.

The comic book “The adventure of Superman” is defined as a comic by many different types elements. Firstly Superman a all time legend is represented strong and courageous, you can tell this by the way the super hero is standing.
One main feature of a comic book is a super hero protecting a city this is also show in this comic book.
The logo on superman's chest creates a sense of power and recognition which makes him different from other super heroes such as batman, Spiderman and other heroes.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

You can define this cover as a comic book because it has an element of animation and super powers. The main aspect which make this a comic is the use of colour and its action packed with adventure. The las thing which changes the cover is he use of paranormal activity and it is fiction.
The main character in this comic book enjoys masterbation, you find this in chapter 4 in the third comic of the series. iron man is wanking over his assistant. he is shown also in one clip watching porn on the internet. This is a resembelence to me as i wank over my sister, hence i picked this comic.On the cover the main character (Ur dead mum) is shown in the middle and is destroying the bad guys with his almighy strength.